• Tense - An excerpt from The Opposites Game (2015) that explores tension physically and mentally. Performed by Mary McCarthy and Kathryn Dunkel. Set piece fabricated by Jeff Hendrick. Music by the ever enchanting Enrico Caruso.

  • The Walk - A promotional trailer for the full length piece that premiered in 2013. Footage by Bruce Petschek of 7 Generations Video

  • A 2012 solo choreographed and performed for Green Street Studios for their gala celebration.

  • A multimedia dance installation set to Mozart's Requiem. This 2011 performance ran as a part of 'Cyc Specific,' a 2-week arts festival in the Cyclorama at the Boston Center for the Arts.

  • Shorten Her Skirts is a performance by dancers from Contrapose Dance and choreographed by Nicole Pierce. The work was commissioned by Contrapose Dance, and was captured on video by the talented filmmakers of Onirica Productions.

dance for camera

  • Co-production by choreographers Lorraine Chapman and Nicole Pierce. Dancers are part of Lorraine Chapman The Company. Camera & editing by Nicole Pierce of EgoArt, Inc.