REQUIEM - February 2011

Set to the complete score of W.A. Mozart’s Requiem, this piece premiered in the Fall of 2009 at The Armory in Somerville, MA and then was reworked and produced again in 2011 at the Boston Center for the Arts’ Cyclorama as part of the first annual CycSpecific arts festival. REQUIEM is not so much a dance concert as a dance installation with custom seating, video projection and 24 costumes. I shot video footage of the Vermont National Forest in all four seasons, choreographed 14 sections (full length of the piece), and designed the floor plan and structure for performance. The second version of REQUIEM had the luxury of the vast space of BCA’s Cyclorama - a dramatic and historic space that opened in 1884 and is included on the National Register of Historic Places. Dancer and costume designer Anna Zamarripa designed and constructed 3 costumes for each dancer that metamorphose with the changing video projection.

Photos by James Prochnik